Marco Rubio’s Bizarre Protester Illustrates The Difference Between Him And Donald Trump

03.14.16 3 years ago
GOP Presidential Candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Holds Rally In Pensacola, Florida

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Marco Rubio‘s still barrelling away on the campaign trail and refuses to close his eyes until Tuesday’s big primaries, which include his winner-take-all home state of Florida. Most folks consider him completely out of the game at this point, but Rubio quietly gathered some delegates this weekend by winning the D.C. Republican convention. This particular caucus is notable because not a single GOP candidate bothered to seriously campaign in the District of Columbia. Rubio’s success (after claiming only Minnesota and Puerto Rico) seems to bolster him as the establishment candidate of choice. Yet if this presidential race provides a lesson, it’s that a textbook Republican does not score well at this point in history. Still, Rubio’s communications manager, Alex Conant, appeared optimistic with this victory.

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