Michelle Obama Gives A Powerful Speech For Hillary Clinton On The DNC’s Opening Night

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07.25.16 13 Comments
Democratic National Convention: Day One

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The first thing that came to mind when Michelle Obama started her speech at the Democratic convention on Monday had to be Melania Trump. She mentioned her speech from 2008, that we also got to hear again last week at the Republican National Convention. And while FLOTUS did not reach out to mention Melania Trump by name, she didn’t hold back from slapping out at the rest of the contentious elements dogging this convention.

There was plenty of talk against Donald Trump, the theme for the entire week and campaign from this point, and even a bit about those who are being loud while wanting to run home. But with that out of the way early in the speech, Obama spent the bulk of her speech building up Hillary Clinton and dropping some truth about America. About how it’s not exactly perfect or built on perfect history, but it’s certainly great — despite what Donald Trump is saying.

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