Michelle Obama Finally Brings A Little Political Class To Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

James Corden finally brings Carpool Karaoke to the White House, getting a chance to fool around with Michelle Obama before Donald Trump moves in, paints it all gold, and only appears on Meet The Press. Might not be a bad thing considering we don’t how well Trump and family can sing.

Michelle Obama has a bit of history for having fun on talk shows, so it’s not a surprise that she’d end doing Carpool Karaoke at some point. She’s danced around with Jimmy Fallon, so the least she could do is ride around the White House lawn with James Corden. She’s not about to outdo Sia or Adele with her pipes, but the first lady does put on an entertaining ride with Corden.

Also Missy Elliot shows up at some point to sing “Get Your Freak On,” which is funny when you realize that they’re attempt to get said freak on while being followed by the Secret Service the entire time. Nothing says fun like an armed escort that’s willing to take a bullet for your survival.

Not a bad first trip to Washington, D.C. for James Corden, though. I’ve been quite a few times and all I’ve ever ended up doing is watching drunk teens vomit on the Metro.

(Via The Late Late Show)