Obama Eloquently Rips Republicans For Enabling The ‘Swamp Of Crazy’ That Led To The Trump Dumpster Fire

News Editor
10.14.16 10 Comments

President Obama’s having such a blast on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton. He’s in the final stretch/”no f*cks given” stage of his presidency, and although he’s still getting things done, he’s also giving us a glimpse of what type of ex-president he will be. Obama’s not afraid to tell it like it is, but he usually does so through in subtle ways. He’s a master at tossing out a vague air of exasperation, which was how he dealt with being asked about his birthplace in 2016. But he can also display great comic timing, as with his dispensing of the Alex Jones crowd when he countered demonic claims by sniffing himself during a recent Clinton campaign stop.

Obama’s also not afraid to chide Trump for skipping history class or to call out the Republicans who condemn his rhetoric but stick with him out of party loyalty. In a Thursday night speech, Obama took the GOP to task for elevating Trump to where he is today. Not only did the party fail to deal with the embarrassment head on (they figured he’d burn himself out, or voters would reject him) during primary season, but they also allowed their own pockets of extremism — like birtherism — to flourish:

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