President Obama And VP Joe Biden Will No Longer Visit Universities That Fail To Address Sexual Assault

07.05.16 3 years ago 6 Comments

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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, their respective spouses, and the collective members of their Cabinet will no longer visit universities that fail to address sexual assault. In a display of support for survivors of sexual assault on the part of the White House, one that has no real point of comparison in any other administration, President Obama and Vice President Biden have made their stance on sexual assault abundantly clear.

Biden has been an outspoken supporter of victims with his It’s On Us program promoting bystander awareness and the prevention of sexual assault overall. He also penned a stunningly emotional letter to the anonymous survivor of the now infamous Stamford assault case and made waves when he appeared at the Oscars this year to address sexual assault and demand that we as a nation do something to create change.

The President’s stances on issues like LGBT rights and gun control are becoming something he is increasingly vocal about, and with a forwardness indicative of a man desiring to create as much positive change as possible before his final term ends. That the office of the President is taking such a hard stance on colleges addressing sexual assault and educating their students on its dangers and how to prevent it will hopefully create some forward momentum on the issue.

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