Did Paul Ryan Accidentally Endorse Harambe The Gorilla For President?

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While the voting public wonders whether or not Donald Trump likes babies, one of the Republican nominee’s supposed handlers, Paul Ryan, did something amazing on Twitter. That, or whoever was running his personal social media account on the platform — be it one of his many diverse interns or a younger staffer — did the deed. He referenced a recent presidential poll placing the deceased gorilla Harambe (RIP) fourth in line behind Trump, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson. (Yes, a dead animal beat Green Party candidate Jill Stein by four points.) The tweet was quickly deleted, but the internet never forgets.

Especially since Dan Katz of Barstool Sports was the recipient of Ryan’s Harambe tweet, which stated “1 in 20 want to see Harambe in the Oval Office.” The sports blogger joked it was either an intern who “forgot to sign out of his boss’s twitter account,” or that “Paul Ryan just invited me to the Illuminati and I think I have to accept.” It’s probably the former as the tweet in question didn’t exist for more than a few minutes before its predictable deletion occurred.

Still, it’s neat to imagine that — between failed attempts to top his viral gym glamour shots with winter live streams and Braveheart references — the Speaker of the House really wants to be internet famous.

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