President Trump Doesn’t Believe Oprah Will Run In 2020, But He Still Insists, ‘I’ll Beat Her’

01.09.18 5 months ago 10 Comments

Following Oprah Winfrey’s rousing Golden Globes speech, viewers as well as pundits immediately began speculating that the media mogul would be running for president in 2020. Somehow this did not lead to a Twitter meltdown by the current TV personality occupying the Oval Office, perhaps because Oprah is more popular than him (or wealthier?), and he once said he’d want her to be his running mate if he ever ran for President. Trump touched on the Oprah rumors Tuesday while speaking to reporter prior to a meeting with various members of Congress about a potential immigration deal and managed to not insult a potential political rival.

He still did some bragging. “Yeah, I’ll beat Oprah. Oprah would be a lot of fun. I know her very well … I like Oprah. I don’t think she’s going to run,” Trump said. He added that Oprah had “had Trump” when he “did one of her shows.”

Trump did appear on Oprah’s show in 1988 prior to entering political life and, rather famously, once said it was unlikely that he’d ever run for president while complaining about Asian economies overtaking the U.S. economy.

Oprah’s longtime friend, and current CBS This Morning host, Gayle King, said Tuesday that she didn’t think Winfrey would run for president but that she was “intrigued” by prospect.

(Via Entertainment Weekly & Washington Post)

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