Sarah Sanders Claims The Trump-Russia Probe Will ‘Soon’ Close, And Then Walks It Back When Asked For Details

10.26.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

With several congressional and special investigations trying to determine whether or not Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia, America’s former Cold War enemy has been a part of the 24-hour news cycle almost as long as Hillary Clinton’s emails have. Even so, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer they believe Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will “close this up soon.” When a rather surprised Hemmer subsequently pressed Sanders for more information, however, she seemingly walked back her statement while simultaneously trying to shift the attention back to Clinton.

“Does he have confidence in Bob Mueller?” Hemmer asked of Trump’s opinion regarding the special prosecutor. “I certainly think he has confidence that they’re going to close this up soon,” she responded, “and [the recent Russian dossier news] is further evidence of why that should take place.” Despite Sanders’s attempt to keep the discussion focused solely on Clinton, the Fox News anchor immediately followed up on Mueller. “Why do you say ‘close it up soon’?” Cue the verbal gymnastics:

“Look, they’ve been working on this and investigating this for well into a year, through various committees. Every day, we find out more and more details about why the president has been right all along, and the Democrats have been wrong all along. Each day, we’re getting closer and closer to closing a loop on this on our front. Sadly, for the Democrats, I think it’s only expanding for them.”

Trump’s being “right all along” notwithstanding, Hemmer refused to relent. “Is that based on news reports, or is that based on something else or some other channel there at the White House?” Sanders’ response? “I think it’s based on fact.” Of course, she immediately brought up “reporting” that proved Trump right and everyone else wrong, but Hemmer asked yet again if anyone from the Justice Department or other intelligence circles had said anything to fuel the press secretary’s “close” comment. “I have not spoken with anybody at the Department of Justice on that front,” Sanders finally admitted.

(Via Fox News)

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