Trump Supporter Scott Walker Tried To Attack Clinton By Linking Her To Obama, And It Didn’t Go As Planned

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11.01.16 14 Comments

On Tuesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sent out a tweet, which was meant to insult President Obama (and by extension, Hillary Clinton) but may have done the opposite. The tweet in question was a picture of Obama and Hillary Clinton sharing a warm embrace with the tagline, “If you like the past 8 years, vote @HillaryClinton.” The tweet came from Walker’s personal account, and he may have thought this was a slam, but the Twitterverse seemed to disagree.

Naturally, a prevailing theme this election cycle has been Republicans’ assertion that Obama has been a reviled president, on par with George Bush’s second term. But the opposite is true, as Raw Story reported that Obama has a 52 percent approval rating, an unusually high number for a president’s final year. Walker, who has pledged his allegiance to Donald Trump, felt that linking Obama’s faux unfavorableness with Clinton would help Trump, but the opposite occurred with the replies calling out his gaffe:

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