Sean Hannity Actually Interviewed A Former Tabloid Editor Who Claims To Be A ‘Fixer’ For The Clintons

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10.25.16 6 Comments

From defending Donald Trump against allegations of sexual harassment by referencing King David’s “500 concubines” to ranting about Hillary Clinton’s underwear, Fox News personality Sean Hannity never ceases to amaze. And with recent reports of the Trump campaign’s so-called “Trump TV” launching after the election, many suspect the Republican nominee’s stalwart cheerleader may leave Fox News for greener and even more partisan pastures. Considering his interview with an alleged Clinton “fixer” on Monday’s show (and Trump’s penchant for touting conspiracy theories), it seems a match made in heaven.

But really, Hannity devoted the first 15 minutes of his program to Jeff Rovin, a former Weekly World News editor-in-chief turned novelist, whom the National Enquirer claims is a “Mr. Fix It” for both Hillary and former President Bill Clinton. This is a thing that actually happened on national cable television on Monday night.

“I was fixing something for an actor who was in [the Clintons’] inner circle, and that was how I was engaged,” Rovin explained when Hannity asked about his involvement. “I knew where the back doors were in Washington, so there were different ways to deal with things.”

As The Daily Beast notes, Hannity pressed Rovin “gently” for details about his work with the Clintons, what stories he helped bury or soften, and so on. Though as the segment wore on, the host — whose thinking was informed by his penchant for movies — became more aggressive when his guest didn’t offer any particularly salacious details about what he’d supposedly “fixed.”

As surprising as Hannity’s coverage of the National Enquirer story is, this isn’t the first time he’s covered stories published by the tabloid. And with his preferred presidential candidate’s supposed connections to the publication, the Fox News host’s reliance on it probably won’t end anytime soon.

(Via Fox News and The Daily Beast)

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