The National Enquirer Smears Trump Rivals While He Goes Unscathed — Coincidence?

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05.20.16 8 Comments

Getty Image / American Media, Inc.

As dominoes continue to fall in this presidential race, folks are wondering what type of general election candidate Donald Trump will choose to be, but the businessman projects utter confidence (although he has a heftier task than expected) as he prepares to face the Democratic nominee. In all likelihood, barring a minor miracle — a ballot box surge and superdelegate reversal for Bernie Sanders — Hillary Clinton will be that person. Trump will confront her with an assortment of unsavory accusations. After all, he dealt the same to his Republican rivals. And he’ll no doubt do it with an assist from the National Enquirer.

As others have noted, Trump enjoys a curiously cozy relationship with the Enquirer (which actually used to frequently target him in another era). Take, for instance, the below issue (dated Feb. 29) which spread unsubstantiated rumors about Marco Rubio’s sexuality and dragged Heidi Cruz’s alleged history of depression. Trump was only there for the picture.

Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

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