Sean Spicer Says He ‘Absolutely’ Regrets Slamming Accurate Reports Of Trump’s Inauguration ‘Crowd Size’

09.18.17 6 months ago 3 Comments

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After being relatively quiet following his departure from the White House in July, former Press Secretary Sean Spicer is fully enjoying his second 15 minutes of fame. After appearing on late night talk shows, Spicer made his biggest public appearance since his last White House press briefing when he made a surprise cameo at the Emmy Awards. Spicer’s bit even made light of one of his first ignominious appearances at a White House podium when he lied about the crowd size at President Trump’s inauguration.

The New York Times interviewed Spicer about his Emmys spot and asked him how he feels about that post-inauguration briefing where he berated reporters:

In an interview on Monday morning, Mr. Spicer said he now regrets one of his most infamous moments as press secretary: his decision to charge into the White House briefing room in January and criticize accurate news reports that Barack Obama’s inauguration crowd was bigger than President Donald J. Trump’s.

“Of course I do, absolutely,” Mr. Spicer said.

However, according to the Times, the Emmys were a first step for Spicer to rehab his image and chase more opportunities:

The once-obscure party spokesman has been elevated to a level of celebrity he scarcely dreamed possible a year ago and, like many before him, he hopes to translate his notoriety into something more reputable and lucrative.

At the same time, Spicer said he hoped that President Trump didn’t see Spicer’s bit as a personal attack.

The Times has further details about how Spicer’s cameo came to be after host Stephen Colbert pitched the idea and how those involved used disguises and secret strips in order to keep Spicer’s involvement hidden.

(Via The New York Times)

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