Seth Meyers Shows He Can Still Be Valuable To His Audience Even If It Is Impossible To Keep Up With Trump

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Seth Meyers has a problem that is not unique to his show alone, but is surely becoming more and more noticeable across the board as the late night program churns out an increasing number of “A Closer Look” segments every week. At one to two videos a week, usually reacting to what Trump said a day or two before the piece airs, many pieces of the videos are outdated by the time they even air. That doesn’t meant they’re not funny, or not relevant (for example in this case, Trump’s anger problems are never going away and neither is Vladimir Putin), only that the specific events the segments reference have been replaced as the best example of one particular issue with something new and newsworthy by the time they actually air.

It’s tough to keep up when Trump is showing off his flaws on a daily basis in the most newsworthy of ways.

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