Seth Meyers’ Golden Globes Monologue Acknowledged All The Elephants In And Out Of The Room

Entertainment Writer
01.07.18 2 Comments

Seth Meyers didn’t waste much time addressing sexual harassment, Donald Trump, and Harvey Weinstein with his Golden Globes monologue. He started out with some light hits against this newer era in Hollywood, noting how he was like the first dog in space for other awards show hosts to follow in 2018. He also seemed to put the fear of God into Willem Dafoe.


The monologue then referenced one of the biggest elephants not in the room — to use Meyers’ terminology — by bringing up Harvey Weinstein and quickly showing that no punches would be pulled. From there Meyers moved on to Kevin Spacey, busting on his House Of Cards accent and hoping that Christopher Plummer could pick it up quickly.

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