Seth Meyers: Trump ‘Won’t Complain’ About The Debate Moderators… If He’s The Moderator

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump is worried about the upcoming presidential debates with Hillary Clinton. Not because the Republican nominee thinks he’ll lose, mind you, but due to his suspicions regarding moderator bias. The former Apprentice host thinks the media representatives selected to host the three debates put on by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates will pull a Megyn Kelly and turn on him, and by golly, he just doesn’t think it’s fair! Hence why the commission has decided to delay announcing its moderator picks until after September 5.

“Look, guys. Don’t bend over backwards for Trump,” Late Night host Seth Meyers joked on Monday’s episode. “The only way he won’t complain is if he gets to moderate the debate himself. ‘Secretary Clinton, as a criminal with a secret illness, tell us why you love ISIS. Take your time!'”

Procedural quibbles notwithstanding, Meyers dedicated his “A Closer Look” segment to the two major party nominees’ vastly different debate preparations. Details from within the Clinton and Trump campaigns were revealed in a recent Washington Post article, and if its authors’ sources are to be believed, the Late Night comic suggested voters were in for three intriguing nights of television (and one boring dud).

“[Clinton’s] prep sounds so intense,” Meyers quipped, “I wouldn’t be surprised if she was hooked to a bunch of computers with steroids being pumped into her veins like [Rocky IV villain] Ivan Drago.” Amazingly, Late Night glossed over the implicit Russian connection vis-à-vis Dolph Lundgren’s fictional character, but that’s okay. With people like ousted Fox News head Roger Ailes in his corner (and the Post‘s description of meetings with Rudy Giuliani and Laura Ingraham), Trump’s upcoming debate performance will outshine Lundgren’s glistening ’80s performance.

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