Stephen Colbert Grills Oliver Stone Over His Fawning Praise Of Putin: ‘Does He Have Your Dog In A Cage Someplace?’

06.13.17 10 months ago 2 Comments

A chat between Stephen Colbert and Oliver Stone got pretty awkward on Monday night while chatting about the director’s interview with Vladimir Putin. In light of the current investigation into Russian hacking during the 2016 election and the nation’s connections to the Trump campaign, Stone’s four-part interview with Putin seems like it is hitting at the perfect time. But reading a few reviews for the Showtime special will give you the feeling that Stone is more interested in humanizing the controversial leader than holding him to the flames for answers. As he tells the LA Times, he’s not out to prove his toughness against the Russian leader:

“My role is really to go to him and ask him to explain how he sees the world and what he thinks,” Stone says by phone. “By listening to him, we may not agree with it, but it’s important we hear it.”

Stone has clearly tried to take some sort of high road with this special, but it’s also the path that seems to hit all the wrong notes for many seeking answers here in the USA. You will apparently be quite happy if you were hoping to see Stone treat the President of Russia to a movie date, though.

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