The Trump Cabinet Confirmation Scorecard: Who’s In?

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02.28.17 6 Comments


To help construct and implement President Donald Trump’s plan for America, he’ll need a lot of help from his cabinet. But is this collection of well-off business vets (and the occasional public official) ready for the awesome responsibility that lies ahead? Over these next few weeks, we’ll watch as Senators push cabinet designates on their track records and we’ll keep tabs on which tough questions are being asked and what the prospects are for confirmation with this frequently updated scorecard.

Secretary of Defense: Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis

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Recap: Advances in the military’s attitudes toward gay, lesbian, and transgendered personnel and the role of women in combat were supported, cyber warfare was regarded as a serious threat, and Russia was deemed a “strategic competitor,” indicating a suspicious view of the meddling military superpower from the retired four-star general.

Status: Mattis was confirmed near unanimously on January 20.

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