Donald Trump Accuses Ted Cruz’s Dad Of Playing A Role In Assassinating JFK

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UPDATE: Ted Cruz has responded to Trump’s newest tactics in a video at the bottom of this post.

Tuesday is Indiana Primary Day, and Donald Trump greeted the challenge by pulling out the big tabloid guns once again (because Ted Cruz is already taking himself out, but Trump wants some added drama). Some skeptics didn’t buy that Trump may have engineered the Cruz five-mistress scandal, which the National Enquirer published as the Texas senator began to gain primary-season momentum. However, Trump is pretty tight with David Pecker, the CEO of the Enquirer‘s publisher, American Media, Inc. Also suspicious? The tabloid formally endorsed Trump in a public display of what was already suspected. The rag regularly publishes critical stories of Trump rivals while only treating him with the utmost respect. The Enquirer is one of the few places where Trump receives consistent glowing coverage.

The publication does hold a little residual cred after breaking the John Edwards scandal back in the day, so that works to Trump’s benefit. But when we received another anti-Cruz Enquirer press release a few weeks ago, it seemed like an obvious maneuver. The story didn’t make waves like a lineup of alleged mistresses. But it did accuse Lyin’ Ted of a massive coverup, which involved a purported photo of his father, Rafael Cruz, standing next to Lee Harvey Oswald. Naturally, the Enquirer‘s shouty headline read, “Ted Cruz Father Linked To JFK Assassination.” Witness this tabloid takedown in action, and the crafty Trump sparkle practically jumps off the page.

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