Trump Is Expected To Sign An Executive Order To Start Building His Border Wall And Restrict Access For Refugees

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01.25.17 10 Comments

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One of Donald Trump’s most controversial and impractical campaign promises is his “great wall’ that will span the southern border of the United States. The wall is meant to be a block on illegal immigrants and drugs making their way into the country, but the road to this point paints it more as a hasty campaign promise that Trump seems desperate to keep. The initial promise of the wall was that Mexico will pay for it, something met with heavy protests from the Mexican government. This soon changed after Trump was elected, with the wall morphing into a fence in some places and Mexico paying the US back after federal money is used to build the structure.

The entire thing now lies on the backs of taxpayers with the promise that Mexico will honor an I.O.U. If that concerns you, tomorrow’s latest batch of executive orders should grab your attention.

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