President Trump Responds To North Korea’s Latest Nuclear Test With A Trade Threat And The Possibility Of A U.S. Attack

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09.03.17 13 Comments

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With North Korea’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test to this point, many eyes went directly to Donald Trump’s Twitter feed to see his response to the attack. The global response was nearly universal condemnation, with Russia urging a measured diplomatic response and Japan seeking an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Trump urged much the same, but still managed to find a way to point the finger elsewhere, keeping with his antagonistic tone towards North Korea and his own allies.

Trump’s early morning Twitter response ended up including a slight lecture aimed at South Korea and what the president refers to as “appeasement” toward the dictatorship. The test happened right in the midst of Trump’s pending decision to leave a free trade deal with South Korea, something that is opposed by his top aides according to The Washington Post.

Apart from his harsher tone towards South Korea and disappointment toward China, Trump did turn his attention to what he will do in response to North Korea and Kim Jong-un’s continued disregard for international sanctions. While leaving a morning prayer in Washington, D.C. as part of the National Day of Prayer, Trump was asked if he will attack North Korea over their nuclear test, providing a bit of an ominous answer:

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