A Trump Rally Speaker Openly Fantasized About Hillary Clinton And Huma Abedin’s Death

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11.01.16 3 Comments

Seeing as how Donald Trump himself told “nasty woman” Hillary Clinton she’d “be in jail” if he were elected president, it comes as no surprise his supporters exclaim similar things at rallies and on television. This includes former Libertarian vice presidential candidate and Trump surrogate Wayne Allyn Root, who charged a Las Vegas crowd Sunday night with chants of “lock her up” and an egregiously unfunny joke about Clinton and aide Huma Abedin’s death.

According to Politico, Root’s “pastiche of pop culture references” spun a Lifetime-esque film about Clinton and Abedin’s final adventures following the results of the FBI’s possibly reopening its investigation of the former’s private email server:

“It’s Hillary in a White Ford Bronco,” he said. “She’s got Huma driving, and they’re headed for the Mexican border. I have a name for the future TV movie. It’s called, Driving Ms. Hillary.” He added, “When they make the run for the border of Mexico, there’s nowhere to go, because President Trump has built a big, beautiful wall.”

The stinger came with Root’s second cinematic reference, whose famous ending involves the title characters driving their car into the Grand Canyon to escape the law. “If we all get our wish, the ending is like Thelma and Louise!”

Abedin, of course, reentered the news cycle thanks to the FBI’s recent announcement, which happened thanks to her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner. The agency’s investigation into his allegedly sexting a minor inadvertently provided the agency with additional emails. Trump and his surrogates immediately pounced on the news when it broke, though Root’s “joke” elicits the most vile response to the matter yet.

(Via Politico)

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