Five Things We Learned From The Washington Post Story On Trump’s Toxic White House

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01.24.17 6 Comments

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President Donald Trump’s first few days in office have been filled with drama and sweeping executive actions. He reignited the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines, pulled the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, and revived a block on federal funding for any non-government organization that provides abortion-related services. Busy man. The busiest president ever, perhaps, but behind the scenes, sh*t is going down.

The Washington Post reveals that the salad days of the Trump White House sound like an utter, backstabbing nightmare. To be fair, many of these staffers are accustomed to the tantrums of the Trump campaign trail (former manager Corey Lewandowski famously sent then-press secretary Hope Hicks into tears on a regular basis). Now, the Washington Post has published a dishy roundup of how the Trump White House sounds like a dish-crashing disaster. Here are some highlights.

Sean Spicer’s first (unscheduled) meltdown conference — where he blatantly lied about “crowd size” to make Trump feel better about his attending inauguration audience — went down like this:

“Trump’s advisers suggested that he could push back in a simple tweet. Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a Trump confidant and the chairman of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, offered to deliver a statement addressing the crowd size.

But Trump was adamant, aides said. Over the objections of his aides and advisers — who urged him to focus on policy and the broader goals of his presidency — the new president issued a decree: He wanted a fiery public response, and he wanted it to come from his press secretary.”

Meanwhile, Trump son-in-law (and senior adviser) Jared Kushner is rubbing everyone the wrong way as he works his behind-the-scenes mojo. He is also not a fan of Kellyanne Conway:

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