Watch This Insane Accused Shoplifter Pull A Spider-Man To Escape This Walmart Through The Ceiling

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03.22.15 7 Comments

This daring crook was reportedly caught shoplifting shoes from this Mobile, Alabama Walmart and led into their security room/McDonald’s (the reports all seem to indicate something different). You’d think that would be it, but it turns out this gentleman did not want to wait around for the police to show up.

He had already struggled with store employees before being led into lockup, so it’s really no surprise what he tried to do next. From WTKR:

“And he is in the ceiling. Definitely not what I expected when we were about to walk into the Walmart,” said Brannan Lynn, a witness.

Brannan Lynn captured video of the man on his phone and then posted it to Facebook. The suspect clawed his way into the ceiling and walked in the duct work about 20 feet to the front door. Then, he stomped his way through the ceiling back down. Lynn’s still rolling on the video, thinking the man’s run from the law is about to end. Right?

“At that point we just all knew for sure he was going to get caught and then he balanced himself on the door frame and, we just couldn’t believe it, ran away. It’s, it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Lynn.

You can see the trail of chaos in the first clip above, immediately leading to the second clip with the accused shoplifter busting down from the ceiling, cat walking along the top of the entry, and then busting out through the parking lot to freedom.

Police stated that it will be up to the store if they want to press charges if and when the suspect is identified. For now, he’s out there as a Walmart legend, proving that McDonald’s jail is really no jail at all.

(Via WTKR / FOX10/ WKRG)

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