Zoe Kazan Opens Up About Unpleasant Her Interaction With Jian Ghomeshi After His Acquittal

03.25.16 2 years ago 11 Comments


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Women all around the world and the internet were shocked and appalled at the announcement today that a Canadian court found Jian Ghomeshi innocent of all sexual assault charges that had been brought against him. The former CBC radio host was accused by multiple women that he sexually assaulted and abused them, yet the judge dismissed the charges due to “inconsistencies” in the stories and a lack of overwhelming evidence available.

The idea that sexual assault victims are consistently less than honest is already something that permeates public opinion, so another legal case perpetuating that idea was too much for a lot of people to handle. Many authors, activists, and other celebrities took to the internet to tell their own Ghomeshi stories and speak up about the case’s outcome. Ruby Sparks star Zoe Kazan had a story of her own to tell regarding an uncomfortable interview with the radio personality a few years back.

Kazan’s acknowledgement that a personal experience isn’t necessary to understand why the outcome of this particular case is so awful is refreshing to see, but the creepy experience itself is one more encounter that makes Ghomeshi seem as cringe worthy and awful as he’s been accused of being.

(via Vulture)

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