Wiz Khalifa Explains How He Manifested A Friendship With Snoop Dogg

Iconic rapper Wiz Khalifa is on People’s Party with Talib Kweli next week. On the episode, he tells an inspirational story about visually manifesting himself working with Snoop Dogg. He truly believes you can achieve much by keeping faith in what you see. Wiz says he first started driving around playing the groundbreaking Doggystyle album consistently. “Since Doggystyle came out I always had it in the whip- no matter what other Snoop Dogg albums I had in the car.” From then on, he felt an unusual belief that he could and should be working with “The Doggfather” on multiple projects.

He shares how he used to talk to himself about it “I’m gonna be on stage with that n****. I’m gonna be right next to that n****. Smoking weed with that n****. I’m so cool. We deserve to hang out together,” he says confidently. “Snoop’s son became a huge fan of mine. Snoop’s oldest son is in his room, smoking, listening to my shit. Snoop came in the room and was like ‘What the F*ck is this? This shit is actually hard!’”

Snoop reached out to Wiz Khalifa while he was on tour.

“He was like ‘Yo, I fuck with your music. My son put me onto you. When you come to LA, call me. Don’t link up with nobody else.’ I’m like, ‘N**** of course, what the fuck else would I do?'”

Wiz continues:

“I got out there, we chopped it up. We did the ‘Black and Yellow’ remix. We shot the video for that. It was me, him, Juicy J, and T-Pain. Immediately after that, we went to the studio. We started recording and he was like, ‘Yo, we’re gonna do a movie. We’re gonna do a soundtrack. We’re gonna go on tour. We’re gonna do merch. It’s locked in! We’re gonna do it!’ He kept his word.”

Catch more of this insightful and funny interview on People’s Party with Talib Kweli with co-host Jamin Leigh.