Ariana Grande Archived Over 4,000 Instagram Posts, Leading Fans To Believe That The Singer Has New Music On The Way

Ariana Grande is hard at work finishing her duties on the movie adaptation cast of Wicked. Although the film isn’t expected to hit theaters until November 2024, fans of the “The Way” singer might be treated to something special very soon. Earlier on Sunday, May 28, she sent supporters into a frenzy after she archived over 4,000 Instagram posts.

It’s become a common practice for musicians to wipe their Instagram completely planning to announce a new project is on the way. As per Pop Crave, Grande’s total post count went from 4,985 uploads to, currently, 114.

Immediately people speculated that Grande was about to release new music. However, others think she’s leaving the industry behind after unreleased music of hers was leaked last month. “Now I know this a stretch. But she did just meet with Scooter [Braun]. She is finishing the movie. And think of the POV video that was leaked, you saw her leaving behind her past eras. Could this be the same thing leading into something,” asked one person.

When addressing the recent leaks, Grande said, “You guys have heard every bad song and bullsh*t demo that I’ve ever made. Hilarious. It’s impossible to keep things from you. You gotta take some swings and misses.”

After being asked, “Any secrets soon to come?” The singer quickly said, “Hmm… no secrets. I’m all out of secrets. You’ve stolen all my unreleased music, it’s horrible [laughs].”