All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week saw the release of a ton of great new pop music. Ariana Grande delivered the drama in her new single, “Yes, And?” and fans have loved it. Lil Nas X played basketball with the devil in his “J Christ” video. And so much more.

Check out the rest of Uproxx’s Best New Pop Music roundup below.

Ariana Grande — “Yes, And?”

Making a grand return to music, Ariana Grande isn’t holding back on “Yes, And?” — calling out the haters in the process and not caring one bit. If this energy is anything to go by, she is here and taking control of 2024. Her video also pays tribute to Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted,” as she shows off her top-notch dancing skills.

Lil Nas X — “J Christ”

Another big release this week was Lil Nas X, who had been teasing his new single, “J Christ.” As he declared, he’s back, just like the savior himself. The video matches the high energy by including lookalikes of famous people like Mariah Carey, Ed Sheeran, and more.

Kali Uchis — “Igual Que Un Ángel” (ft. Peso Pluma)

Not only did Kali Uchis announce her pregnancy this week, but she also put out her new record, Orquídeas. Her “Igual Que Un Ángel” collab with Peso Pluma has instantly been selected as a fan-favorite. “When I wrote ‘Igual,’ it felt very complete and I didn’t think that it needed a feature but when [Peso] heard the song, he loved it and he wanted to jump on it,” Uchis opened up about their pairing during an interview with Variety. “I’m always going to encourage people to try something different.”

ITZY — “Untouchable”

ITZY released their new mini-album, Born To Be. One of the highlights among the K-Pop group’s new tracks is “Untouchable,” a larger-than-life declaration of just how good the girls are at killing it. They say it best, pointing out in the anthem that nobody is going to stop them.

Suki Waterhouse — “OMG”

“We started half the song and then put it to the side,” Waterhouse told Rolling Stone about her new song’s creation process, alongside co-writer Natalie Findlay. “We were like, ‘It’s not working.’ And then two months went by and we were back in the studio, and suddenly this chorus came out with this energy around it.”

Reneé Rapp — “World Burn”

Reneé Rapp is embracing the chaos this week, as viewers watch her return to her role of Regina George in the new Mean Girls movie. (It was adapted from the musical Rapp starred in, initially inspired by the 2004 original movie.) “World Burn” finds Rapp embracing her villainous side, as the fiery track is a fan-favorite from the musical (and the movie-musical.)

Meg Smith — “Jesus Christ In A Mini Skirt”

Meg Smith’s “Jesus Christ In A Mini Skirt” finds her embracing a duality within — as she seems to want to adapt to whatever to get a love interest. “I’m sinking in a sea I sworе I’d walk on / And I’m trying to be someone you’d want / All this timе I believed if I could just be / Jesus Christ, then you’d want me,” she vulnerably notes in the bridge.

Alok, Bebe Rexha — “Deep In Your Love”

Alok and Bebe Rexha’s new collaboration finds the dynamic duo building upon the carefree energy and passion in a romance. The two first met during Bebe’s show in Romania and would go on to work on parts of this track in Brazil — a perfect move to tap into dancefloors all around the world.

Residente — “Ron En El Piso”

Residente’s “Ron En El Piso” serves as a reflection of the Puerto Rican performer’s time in music, including in Calle 13. The themes of exploring his past cross over into the music video, which is filled with nods to his time in the group.

Niki — “24”

“The song is essentially my attempt at synthesizing my early twenties, and the many humbling things I have learned up to this point in my life — namely, learning to embrace nuance and the idea that life is rarely ever dichotomous,” Niki shared about her vulnerable “24” in a statement. “Everyone can be many things at once. Of the many takeaways I’ve gathered since turning 24, I think that’s the most freeing one.”

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