Ariana Grande Invites Her Haters To Be Proven Wrong In Her Confident New ‘Yes, And?’ Video

2024 has truly arrived. New music is finally starting to flow, and one of the artists leading the charge this week is Ariana Grande, who just dropped her new single, “Yes, And?.” She quickly followed that up with a video for the song, which is out now.

The video starts with a bunch of Grande’s haters congregating in one place, chatting about her perceived shortcomings. The group then turns up to a mysterious presentation, which turns out to be Grande and a bunch of dancers putting on a performance of the song, a performance that ends up changing some minds.

The song, which was inspired by the Madonna classic “Vogue,” sees Grande exuding confidence and self-reliance, as she sings in the chorus, “‘Yes, and?’ / Say that sh*t with your chest, and / Be your own f*ckin’ best friend / Say that sh*t with your chest / Keep moving like, ‘What’s next?’ / ‘Yes, and?'”

When the track was released, fans also took notice of this lyric: “My face is sitting, I don’t need no disguise / Don’t comment on my body, do not reply / Your business is yours and mine is mine / Why do you care so much whose **** I ride? / Why?”

At the end of 2023, Grande reflected on the year, which she called “one of the most transformative, most challenging, and yet happiest and most special years” of her life. She also got fans excited by noting, “i cannot wait for next year.”

Watch the “Yes, And?” video above.