All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

“There are times pop music is the end result when I’m in the studio, but I don’t really go in and say, ‘Today I am going to make a pop song,’ but it can happen,” Post Malone reportedly once said. While the rapper isn’t on this list, a lot of other pop artists likely feel the same way about how their songs just sort of materialize into a hit.

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Rosalía — “Tuya”

Rosalía is completely in her romance era and honoring her boyfriend, Rauw Alejandro, with a special song about their relationship’s moments. “Exploring is part of who I am as a musician and in the case of ‘Tuya,’ inspirations such as reggaeton, Japanese instruments, flamenco, and gabber techno coexist at the same level,” she shared in a statement.

BTS — “Take Two”

BTS’ hiatus isn’t stopping them from treating fans to some new music to hold them over until a return. Their new “Take Two” addresses their Army directly, speaking to how they’re all living in the moment together, “Yeah, wе never felt so young / When together sing the song… Yeah, we never felt so right / When I got you by my side.”

Niall Horan — “The Show”

The title track from Niall Horan’s new album finds him reflecting on how life’s mistakes make us who we are at the end of the day. “If everythin’ was simple, how would we know? / How to fix your tears, how to fake a show / How to paint a smile, yeah, how would we know? / How good we have it, though?” he asks in the chorus.

Sam Smith, Madonna — “Vulgar”

Sam Smith brought Madonna on to be the most fitting option to turn up the drama on their new song, “Vulgar.” The duo recorded it reportedly the day after the Grammy Awards. “If you f*ck with Sam tonight, you’re f*cking with me / So watch what you say or I’ll split your banana,” Madonna fires back during her turn on the track.

Shawn Mendes — “What The Hell Are We Dying For”

With a viral cover art that features an image from the recent wildfires, most had wondered how he was able to turn something around so fast. Before the release, Mendes shared he had just finished it a few hours before — and it also seems to possibly give some insight into his relationship/breakup with Camila Cabello.

PinkPantheress — “Angel”

Another hit in the making from the Barbie soundtrack that has yet to miss, PinkPantheress’ “Angel” is the next drop to hype audiences up to go see the blockbuster next month. While the instrumental is just as bubbly as the rest, lyrically, she is haunted by a lost love.

Renée Rapp — “Snow Angel”

While actress Renée Rapp is set to star in an upcoming Mean Girls adaptation, she is also keeping her musical side just as sharp to prepare, as she welcomes a new era with “Snow Angel.” The track finds her trying to push as best as she can through emotional battles.

Janelle Monáe — “Phenomenal” (feat. Doechii)

“Dance ’cause there ain’t nobody else in this b*tch like you,” Monáe and Doechii sing in the bridge of “Phenomenal.” The collaboration, which appears on her new album, The Age Of Pleasure, finds the two musicians reveling in their self-worth — making it an anthem to lift fans up.

Gus Dapperton — “Sunset”

“Your light is like the beacon I will never see / Killed the flame, I’m divin’ deeper in the darkness / Burned every bridge, now there’s nothin’ left to spark it,” Dapperton sings on his newest, “Sunset.” The pining pop track is set to appear on his upcoming album, Henge, which arrives next month.

Noah Kahan — “Dial Drunk”

Noah Kahan’s “Dial Drunk” has already become a viral sensation on TikTok even before its official release. Now, the song has the potential to become a charting hit, as fans are loving the folksy tale of a bad guy’s point-of-view.

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