Sam Smith And Madonna Embrace The ‘Vulgar’ Names They’ve Been Called On Their New Collaboration

Sam Smith and Madonna have a sexy new anthem, which has arrived right in time for Pride Month. On “Vulgar,” the two embrace the labels which they have been deemed by haters and naysayers over the years, owning their sexualities and provocative stylings.

Smith opens the song, detailing a spicy, scandalous outfit, giving no f*cks about how it may be received. In fact, haters are their motivators.

“Look like I’m dressed to kill, love how I make me feel / All black in stripper heels, move like Madonna / Rich like I’m in the Louvre, got nothin’ left to prove / You know you’re beautiful when they call you vulgar,” raps Smith on their verse.

Madonna then joins in with a scorching verse of her own, reminding us that she and her clique are not the ones to be messed with.

“If you f*ck with Sam tonight, you’re f*cking with me / So watch what you say or I’ll split your banana,” raps Madonna.

According to a press statement accompanied by the song’s release, Madonna and Smith recorded the song the day after this year’s Grammys in a Los Angeles studio. The two collaborated with ILYA for MXM Productions, Cirkut, Omer Fedi, Ryan Tedder, Jimmy Napes, Sam and Lauren D’elia, Madonna’s vocal producer and engineer.

You can listen to “Vulgar” above.

Madonna is a Warner Music artist. .