All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week in the best new pop music saw some highly anticipated releases. Doja Cat shared her Planet Her album with a number of star-studded collaborations, Ed Sheeran returned to usher in a new era of music, and Grammy-nominated pop producer JP Saxe dropped his Dangerous Levels Of Introspection album.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop music. Listen up.

Doja Cat — “You Right” Feat. The Weekend

After weeks of teasing, Doja Cat released her shimmering album Planet Her, which features the smooth and sultry The Weeknd collaboration “You Right.” The song plays up Doja Cat’s strengths, blending buoyant hooks and catchy lyrics about avoiding the temptation of another man.

Ed Sheeran — “Bad Habits”

Making it clear that he’s beginning a new project rollout, Ed Sheeran returns from hibernation to share the delightfully thumping pop anthem “Bad Habits” as his first new song of the year. Featuring lush chords and Sheeran’s cheery vocal delivery about what goes on after midnight, “Bad Habits” stands as the singer’s entry for the 2021 song of the summer. “I always aim to push myself and my music in new directions and hopefully you’ll hear that on the new single,” Sheeran said about the track in a statement.

JP Saxe — “Dangerous Levels Of Introspection”

After positioning himself as the go-to songwriter for vulnearable pop ballads, JP Saxe officially drops his debut album Dangerous Levels Of Introspection. The LP’s title track serves as a preview for the record as a whole, featuring wistful guitar chords and emotive lyrics. Saxe expressed how much the album means to him in a statement alongside its` official debut: “Been working towards today since I was a kid. this is the most myself i’ve ever felt in my music. and i’m grateful to these songs for showin up for me in the most meaningful parts of the last four years of my life.”

Bastille — “Distorted Light Beam”

Grammy-nominated pop group Bastille follows up their 2021 EP Drink. by sharing even more music. This time, they’ve leaned into a futuristic pop sound with the gleaming track “Distorted Light Beam,” a dancefloor-ready tune about manifesting your perfect future. “It’s a song about limitless possibilities,” the band said about the single, “which isn’t something any of us actually have in real life right now, so it’s been fun to explore that idea while experimenting with new sounds in our music.”

LANY — “Dancing In The Kitchen”

Sharing their second-released song of 2021, LA-based trio LANY share the euphoric track “Dancing In The Kitchen.” The single showcases the group’s knack for penning relatable pop tunes, emphasizes the importance of enjoying life’s little moments over a joyous beat.

Fletcher — “Healing”

Following up on her critically-acclaimed EP The S(ex) Tapes, Fletcher returns to reclaim her inner strength on the soaring track “Healing.” Leaning on a skittering beat, Fletcher lilts powerful lines about the importance of understanding that there’s no such thing as a quick fix for your personal problems. “The world is healing right now,” Fletcher said about the tune. “I can feel the collective energy of people waking up to their power and connecting to themselves in a way that humanity never has before. Healing isn’t a linear process, and it’ll take you on the most insane rollercoaster ride of your life. But it’s worth the view at the top.”

Cautious Clay — “Shook”

After making a name for himself writing introspective and catchy tunes, Cautious Clay shared his debut album Deadpan Love this week. It includes the silky smooth track “Shook,” a playful song about the euphoria of falling in love. “So much of life and relationships are spent in gray areas—we mistreat the people we love and we’re friendly with the people we hate,” Cautious Clay said about the LP. “This is an album about those complexities in friendship, investigating toxic behavior and self-worth.”

MAX, Ali Gatie — “Butterflies”

Newly signed Warner Records artist MAX teamed up with his now label mate Ali Gatie for a fluttering ode to lasting love. The song, which MAX says is “about falling deeper and deeper in love with my wife,” expertly combines the two singers’ far-reaching vocals as they croon lyrics about an everlasting devotion to their partner.

The Marías — “Calling U Back”

After gaining a cult following with their first two EPs, The Marías released their debut album Cinema this week. The effort leans into their sultry songwriting, delicately integrating moody synths with María’s saccharine vocals as heard on their loungy track “Calling U Back.” “We want people to feel inspired to create anything, whether it’s music or art or whatever else they’re drawn to,” María said about album. “Hopefully the songs will help them to break away from real life for a while and create some kind of dream world in their heads – something like the scenes to their own little movie.”

Sub-Radio — “Talk About LA”

Six-piece pop group Sub-Radio returned this week to share the bright song “Talk About LA” just in time for summer. The relaxed pop tune is a catchy ode to getting over a past lover featuring layered synths and a crashing, blissful chorus. “We wanted a song that spoke to how the pandemic was affecting our relationships and making us reconsider what’s really important,” vocalist Adam Bradley said about the track.

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