All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week saw the release of a ton of great new pop music. Olivia Rodrigo has fans ‘Obsessed‘ with the five bonus tracks she added to Guts — including one that fans hadn’t heard before. Shakira teamed up with a major female rapper for an entirely Spanish collaboration. And two of the openers on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour decided to put their bond and talents together for a song.

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Olivia Rodrigo — “Obsessed”

Olivia Rodrigo dropped the deluxe version of her Guts album, sharing five new tracks for fans in it. The standout is the anticipated “Obsessed,” which Rodrigo had been performing throughout her tour — given the anthem built a following through its initial vinyl-only release. “I know her star sign / I know her blood type,” she sings, providing all the ways she’s fueled a fascination with a lover’s ex-girlfriend. The chorus then explodes into a catchy rock-inspired run about how Rodrigo’s current boyfriend should be warned because she “can’t help it.”

In the music video, Rodrigo puts a spin on a beauty pageant, except all of the participants are exes of the same man. There is no shortage of hilarious sashes, from “Miss Fizzled Out” to “Miss Also Thought She Was The One.”

Shakira, Cardi B — “Puntería”

Shakira brought Cardi B along for “Puntería,” which finds the two detailing how they’re struggling to let go of a past relationship. “You have good aim / You know where to give me so that I remain surrendered / It attacks me where it hurts the most, you don’t suit me / But in your bed or mine, I forget all that,” Shakira sings, translated to English. The powerful Spanish collaboration (including Cardi B’s verse) appears on Shakira’s first new album in seven years, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran.

Remi Wolf — “Cinderella”

Remi Wolf’s “Cinderella” is a spotlight on the singer’s struggle with the “rollercoaster of emotion” that comes with a growing career and life on the road. Ultimately, she decides to be her own saving grace, explaining the title as herself being a “fairy godmother, telling myself that I was in control.” For fans hoping to hear the vulnerable yet uplifting track live, Wolf will open for Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts Tour very soon.

Empress Of — “For Your Consideration”

Empress Of previewed her new album through a collaboration with Muna, but her solo tracks on For Your Consideration are equally worth checking out. The powerful title track came from her falling in love with an “emotionally unavailable” director and then having to watch him campaign for the Oscars. “I went into the studio, and I told this story to my songwriter and my collaborators, and we played into it,” she told Rolling Stone. “You wouldn’t have the album if I didn’t write this song. And I wouldn’t have written the song if this guy hadn’t told me what he told me.”

Fletcher — “Pretending”

“Pretending” is Fletcher’s way of pointing out that things aren’t exactly over with an ex, as the two just awkwardly go through the motions of small talk. “I type it out as if that’s the text I’m sending / As if I’m not what you’re waiting for / Like I’m not in your ending,” she points out, putting all her heart and hopes on the line that while they’re not together right now, the future is still in the cards.

Girl In Red, Sabrina Carpenter — “You Need Me Now?”

Girl In Red added Sabrina Carpenter to “You Need Me Now?” by slyly including a line where she asks, “You know what would be really f*cking cool on this? Sabrina,” before Carpenter kicks off her verse. The two talented pop stars opened for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, making it even cooler that they likely decided to collaborate after that. As for what else fans can expect from Girl In Red, her new album I’m Doing It Again Baby! arrives next month.

Maggie Rogers — “So Sick Of Dreaming”

Another pop performer with a new album on the way is Maggie Rogers. Her latest offering from her upcoming Don’t Forget Me project is “So Sick Of Dreaming,” leaning into her folksier influences. “I wanted to make an album that sounded like a Sunday afternoon,” Rogers previously described as what fans can expect as the album’s energy. “Worn in denim. A drive in your favorite car. No makeup, but the right amount of lipstick. Something classic.”

Kenya Grace — “Someone Else”

Kenya Grace dropped her brilliant new EP, The After Taste, over the weekend. “Someone Else” finds Grace wrapping her brain around the memories and moments she thought she was sharing with someone who loved her, only to see them at a club with another girl.

Angélica Garcia — “Color De Dolor”

Angélica Garcia is gearing up for their next album, Gemelo, which arrives in June. “‘Color De Dolor’ was the first song that was written for Gemelo,” Garcia shared in a statement about her newest preview. “It’s also the first song on the record where I face grief for what it is. I wanted ‘Color De Dolor’ to feel very textured and lush like you’re walking through a jungle. To me, its kaleidoscopic quality shows sadness and beauty.” The song does exactly that, pulling listeners into its dark yet shimmery landscape — representing a range and rollercoaster of emotions.

Xavi — “Corazón De Piedra”

The creative title track of Xavi’s new album, “Corazón De Piedra” finds him cutting ties with an ex-relationship after he was taken advantage of. “I deleted the photos and messages / I don’t want to know anything else about you,” Xavi bluntly says. In the music video, he leans further into these themes, opting to make that ex jealous through some not-so-subtle social media reveals with other women.

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