Sabrina Carpenter Makes A Super Fun Appearance On Girl In Red’s New Single ‘You Need Me Now?’

Girl In Red and Sabrina Carpenter have at least two things in common: They’ve both opened for Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour, and they’re both on the new song “You Need Me Now?.” The tune comes from Girl In Red’s forthcoming album I’m Doing It Again Baby! and she released the track today, March 22.

The way Carpenter’s feature is handled is done in a fourth-wall-breaking, super-fun way: During a bridge, Girl In Red says, “You know what would be really f*cking cool on this? Sabrina. Like, if we could get Sabrina on this… Oh, my God, that, that would… like, seriously.” Carpenter then jumps in, “Oh my God, you’re so right. I’m gonna sing now.”

In a recent interview with Dork, Girl In Red said of the album, “The best part of making music is when you get an amazing idea that you get excited by. It’s still a very eclectic record. The first one was all over the place, and some people said that was my weakness, but absolutely not. All those songs had strong identities, and I’m doing the same thing on this record. Maybe in the future, I’ll calm down and put out a record like [Swift’s] Folklore, but I’m not there yet.”

Listen to “You Need Me Now?” above.

I’m Doing It Again Baby! is out 4/12 via Columbia. Find more information here.