All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

July is here, and if there’s one thing about summer, we’re meant to have fun! This week saw a bunch of new K-Pop releases, between another Barbie-themed drop and a collaboration between two extremely-popular generational bands. Turn the tunes on, take in the sunshine, get out, and just truly have a blast — no matter where you are or who you’re with.

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Taylor Swift — “Timeless”

Anyone close to me knows I haven’t kept quiet about my love for “Timeless” since Taylor Swift unlocked it as part of the vault for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) on Friday. Out of the six new songs, it is far and away the best of the bunch. She muses about the concept of feeling like she knew someone in a past life, after finding old photographs at an antique store. And, by the time the soaring “You still would’ve turned my head even if we’d met / On a crowded street in 1944” line kicks in, Swift puts you right there beside her.

NewJeans — “Super Shy”

NewJeans are gearing up to release their sophomore mini album, fittingly titled New Jeans, later this month. As another teaser, the girls dropped the energetic “Super Shy,” where they discuss coming to terms with their feelings — despite being nervous.

Fifty Fifty — “Barbie Dreams” (feat. Kaliii)

As the latest drop from the Barbie movie soundtrack, Fifty Fifty released “Barbie Dreams” — a lighthearted pop track with Kaliii that lyrically focuses on aspects of the movie. “Ken gon’ spend ’cause I’m a ten / Pink Corvette, let’s paint the rims,” Kaliii points out later in the song, with the rest of the lines shining just as bright.

Anne-Marie — “Trainwreck”

“The song is about being with someone who’s not good for you, but you stay with them because you’re scared of what will be afterwards,” Anne-Marie described about “Trainwreck,” her latest in a strong string of singles this year, as it follows up her Shania Twain collab.

Rauw Alejandro — “Si Te Pegas” (feat. Miguel Bose)

For Rauw Alejandro’s new album, Playa Saturno, he brought in Miguel Bose to feature on “Si Te Pegas.” The summer anthem contender finds the duo jamming out in a car together in the music video. As he described on Instagram, he had missed the beach while on tour — wanting to capture those feelings on the recently-released record.

Tomorrow x Together, Jonas Brothers — “Do It Like That”

Bringing together two impactful groups of boys, “Do It Like That” finds Tomorrow X Together and the Jonas Brothers enjoying the highs of a new relationship. The two bands vocally unite during the third part of the track. And, as their first collaboration, it feels like a pairing that definitely shouldn’t end here.

Gus Dapperton — “Phases”

“Everything on the album [represents] the battle between seeking out chaos, freedom, and change, and then also having that part of you that wants safety, routine, and monotony,” Dapperton told Uproxx in a recent interview. Recently dropping his new album, Henge, these themes impact “Phases,” which finds Dapperton hoping for a way out of the darkness.

NMIXX — “Roller Coaster”

NMIXX‘s “Roller Coaster” pulls inspiration from classic tales like Alice In Wonderland and Romeo And Juliet to portray the ups-and-downs of love — which also explains the title. As for the music video, it finds the girls breaking out some super sweet dance moves on a football field.

Siena Bella — “Are You Still Here”

Opening with a gentle piano, Siena Bella starts “Are You Still Here” with an emotional “Hello,” as she deals with the struggles of missing someone. “Why can’t I see your face in all my memories?” she asks in the chorus.

Nell Mescal — “Punchline”

“I wrote ‘Punchline’ in my bedroom last year about a friendship ending before it needed to and the heartbreak that comes with it,” Mescal shared about the backstory behind her powerful latest single. “It’s about trying to ‘win’ the friendship breakup by pretending it doesn’t hurt you that much, but still having that sick feeling you get in your stomach because you miss the other person.”

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