NewJeans Has Become The Fastest K-Pop Act To Chart On ‘Billboard’ Hot 100 With ‘OMG’ And ‘Ditto’

If there’s a song — let alone an artist — that’s been topping the charts domestically in South Korea, and perhaps dominating TikTok and Instagram Reels at the moment, it’s NewJeans and their latest hit “OMG.” Some may counteract and say “hype boy,” as the dance continues to make waves on social platforms, but the recent track and infectious hand-to-forehead dance move — alongside “Ditto” — have set the internet ablaze with addiction.

Just six months after their debut, NewJeans’ rise in the Korean music industry has been continuously praised by the general public and K-pop fans globally. The group’s ongoing achievements only continue after Billboard unveiled the news of “OMG” ranking at no. 91 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart yesterday (January 24). This would mark the ADOR quintet’s highest placement ranked to date.

Last week, the group earned themselves the fastest K-Pop group to enter the Billboard Hot 100 with their pre-release single “Ditto.” The dance-pop and Jersey Club-inspired track debuted on the Billboard chart at no. 96.

With two songs landing on the Billboard chart, this not only makes NewJeans the fastest K-pop group to debut on the chart but also the fastest act to have multiple entries on the chart.

They are the third K-pop act to break into the Hot 100 chart, following pioneering acts BTS and Blackpink.