Billie Eilish Joins TikTok With A Hilarious Username And Some Entertaining Content

TikTok has been at the forefront of social media platforms for quite some time now, especially when it’s looked at from a musical standpoint. Plenty of artists have joined the app and some have found success on it thanks to their music becoming the template for viral videos on TikTok. While she may be late to the party, it’s better late than never for Billie Eilish as the singer recently joined the app to give her fans some entertaining content in her free time.

The “Therefore I Am” singer joined the app, but chose a different name to go by that fans may not have expected to find the singer under. For those looking to indulge in Billie’s TikTok content, she can be found under the username “coochiedestroyer5.” The singer only has two videos on her page. The first video finds her using a face-distorting filter to enlarge her nose, which she finds hilarious after seeing the results. In the second video, Billie recalls the time she was able to fit a ukelele head in her mouth. Shortly after, she reattempts the tasks and successfully completes it once again.

Fans shared their reaction to Billie’s new TikTok on Twitter. One fan posted a screenshot from one TikTok and said, “miss Billie eilish joined tiktok- I love November.” Another one questioned why the news of the singer’s appearance on the app did not make their way to them. “was no one going to tell me that billie eilish made a tiktok called coochiedestroyer5 ? i just had to find her on my fyp like that.”

You can check out Billie’s TikTok posts above.