An Unreleased Doja Cat Song Is Going Viral On TikTok

After her Hot Pink song “Say So” went from viral sensation to Billboard No. 1, it looks like Doja Cat is the unofficial queen of TikTok. Users on the app took the album cut, choreographed a simple dance routine to it, and uploaded so many videos of the dance that Doja and her label made “Say So” an official single and shot a music video featuring Doja and her backup dancers performing the fan-created moves. The already highly-charting song was then remixed by Nicki Mina, shooting it at last to the top of the Hot 100 chart.

Now, it looks like Doja might do it all again, thanks to TikTok users latching onto her latest sound — a song that hasn’t even come out yet. As she does from time to time, Doja played the unreleased track during an Instagram Live session with her fans. On the chorus she sings, “N****s ain’t sh*t,” leading many to assume that would be the title.

One line in particular seems to have stood out to her fans, prompting them to start uploaded videos reciting the bar to their TikToks. “That’s not cheatin’ if I wasn’t with your ass, yo,” Doja raps on the second verse. It seems to be a relatable sentiment; a bunch of videos have since cropped up on TikTok, as fans emphatically perform the lyrics into the camera — presumably to the would-be romantic partners in their lives.

Might Doja Cat have another huge hit on her hands? It’s more than possible; when Drake similarly previewed “Toosie Slide,” it took him less than a week to have a viral hit on his hands once he actually put the song itself out. While “N****s Ain’t Sh*t” is a lot less family-friendly and doesn’t have a catchy dance behind it (yet), it does have one thing in its favor — Doja Cat can make a viral hit out of nearly anything, from a retro disco dance number to a song about being a cow.


wait til this comes out. every girl will be jamming it even if they don’t relate

♬ unreleased doja cat trapinicki – trapinicki

Check out videos of Doja previewing her new song and the fan responses to it from TikTok above.