Billie Eilish Gushed About Her Time Filming ‘Swarm’ And Called One Of Her Co-Stars Her ‘Idol’

Billie Eilish performed her first-ever South American shows as a headliner at Lollapalooza in Santiago, Chile this weekend. Simultaneously, countless people were streaming Eilish’s proper acting debut in Swarm, the Amazon Prime Video original series from Donald Glover and Janine Nabers that charts Dre’s (Dominique Fishback) destructive obsession with a pop star.

Eilish plays Eva, a cult leader that Dre encounters in the fourth episode, and fans were widely impressed with her portrayal. Meanwhile, Eilish was most impressed by Fishback, Glover, Nabers, and [co-executive producer, director, and writer] Ibra Ake.

“:’) last may. so much joy mannnnn @domfishback you are my idol,” Eilish captioned a Swarm Instagram caption over the weekend. “watching dom do her f*ckin thing was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. this girl is f*cking unbelievable. will cherish you forever dom love you so much. i feel so honored to be a part of something so special, surrounded by PEOPLE so special. @donaldglover if it wasn’t for you i wouldn’t be the artist or person i am today. @ibraake & @janinenabers you rock my socks off. truly can’t BELIEVE my reality sometimes. STREAM “SWARM”!! @swarmonprime [three bumblebee emojis]”

Eilish also shared photos in character as Eva:

Meanwhile, Fishback complimented Eilish recently, telling Rolling Stone, “She’s so respectful of the craft. She came in with ideas, wanting to talk about it, being game to rehearse. I think she’s wonderful. I’m such a fan of her as a person due to what I experienced with her on set.”

Swarm also stars the likes of Chlöe, Damson Idris, Paris Jackson, Kiersey Clemons, Rory Culkin, X Mayo, and Nirine S. Brown.

If you haven’t gotten around to streaming Swarm yet, watch the official trailer below.