Billie Eilish Believes As A ‘Young Female Artist,’ She Is ‘Looked At Differently’

Taylor Swift was named Billboard‘s Artist Of The Decade, and at the same time, the publication announced that its Artist Of The Year is another wildly successful pop star: Billie Eilish. In an interview with the publication, Eilish was asked about the challenges she has faced during her star-making past year, and she spoke about being “looked at differently” because she is “a young female artist.”

Eilish said, “I can’t complain about my career. The only thing is — and I know men are going to disagree, because they literally just can’t know — as a young female artist, you are looked at differently. I remember the first time I had a conversation with Clairo; it was about how we were both hated because we were girls, and we weren’t looked at the same [as young male artists]. We just talked about how hard it is to be a young female and be taken seriously.”

At one point, Eilish was worried her career wouldn’t take off because she was a girl, saying, “Right now, there are so many young females who are actually looked at as cool. I remember a year when I was so anxious about my future. I was worried that because I was a girl, people wouldn’t think I was cool or interesting — they would think I was just super basic and lame. And a lot of people do think that, which is whatever. But the majority are giving me a really good reaction and validation for what I do.”

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