Guinness World Records Teases That BTS Will Be Included In Their Next Book

It’s no secret that BTS have had a massively successful year. They broke a number of records for their music, secured a historic Grammy nomination, and were officially the best-selling musicians of 2020. It’s only right that BTS are getting recognized for all their record-breaking achievements, and Guinness World Records has them covered by teasing the group’s inclusion in their next book.

It’s true that BTS have been achieving musical milestones for years, but their 2020 English-language song “Dynamite” helped them secure a handful more. When the song debuted on YouTube, it shattered multiple viewing records. It was the fastest video to reach 10 million views, and it was the first video to eclipse 100 million views in its first 24 hours on the platform. But that’s not all. Guinness World Records just confirmed that it also broke the record for most concurrent viewers for any YouTube premiere in history, garnering over 3 million viewers at once.

Not only did Guinness congratulate the group for their impressive achievement, but they also teased that BTS will be predominately featured in their next Guinness World Records book. “@BTS_twt’s record for the ‘most simultaneous viewers for a music video on YouTube Premieres’ has now been confirmed, with the 2020 single Dynamite clocking up over three million viewers,” they wrote.

Responding to a fan saying that BTS should have their own book, Guinness said: “they may have a nice spread in the upcoming book, so look out for that.”

See Guinness tease BTS’ inclusion in their next Guinness World Records book above.