Camila Cabello Remembers Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran ‘Showed Me A Lot Of Kindness’ Early In Her Career

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter hosted a roundtable with lots of pop’s biggest songwriters to discuss their process and experience in the industry. The full video, which is close to an hour long, features artists like Anderson Paak, Kid Cudi, and Camila Cabello. It was a nice chance for Camila to focus back on her career after she recently made headlines for ending her relationship with Shawn Mendes, and after the split Shawn reacted by releasing the sad but hopeful single “It’ll Be Okay.”

For her part, Camila has been reflecting on her own songwriting career, even if she hasn’t released anything new for a minute. In a clip from the roundtable, she remembers beginning the process of songwriting on her own in hotel rooms while she was traveling with Fifth Harmony, and getting some early support from fellow pop stars like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, who were much more established than her at the time. “I wouldn’t say, like, mentors, but … I remember approaching Taylor Swift … and she showed me a lot of kindness, Ed Sheeran too.” Camila has also talked about Taylor mentoring her in the past, but on a more of a personal level about being a good friend. Check out her thoughts below, and the full roundtable up top.