Camila Cabello Says Taylor Swift Taught Her How To Be A Good Friend

Camila Cabello has been in the public eye ever since she was a teenager. The singer first auditioned for The X-Factor at just 15-years-old where she formed the prominent girl group Fifth Harmony before launching her own solo career. Since Cabello started her music career at such a young age, the singer said she oftentimes seeks advice from someone who understands what it’s like to sign a record deal as a teenager: Taylor Swift.

Cabello recently sat down for a cover interview with Bustle where she talked about her family, relationships, and upcoming album Familia. During her conversation, the singer revealed that she has always had a hard time maintaining friendships since she is always traveling for her job. But after meeting Swift, Cabello said she has learned a lot about the importance of committing to friendships:

“Taylor has always been so kind and supportive and also goes out of her way to give you artist advice. [She’s] really about making friendships and relationships the most important thing. She is so brave at watering those seeds of friendships and relationships. She always answers my texts and she’s so busy. I don’t even answer texts because I’m just worse at it. It takes intention to be like, ‘Let me write all my friends back.'”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cabello spoke about how she’s learned to shut down haters who criticize her body. “You can work out a few hours a day and never eat carbs and whatever, but that’s just not a balanced life. That’s not what I want… I can’t change to fit that mold,” she said. “I’m going to wear whatever, and if there’s paparazzi around, that sucks, but I’m not going to completely reroute who I am for that.”

Read Cabello’s full interview with Bustle here.