Finneas’ First-Ever Christmas Song Is His Forlorn Piano Ballad ‘Another Year’

It’s officially December, which means that no one can be told it’s too early to listen to Christmas music. Thankfully, pop musicians have already gotten a head-start on the holiday cheer by offering up some original holiday tunes. Carly Rae Jepsen and the Jonas Brothers shared their Christmas songs several weeks ago, but now, Finneas is throwing his own tune into the mix.

Finneas shared the forlorn ballad “Another Year” today. Over delicate piano keys, Finneas sings of spending the holidays surrounding by loving friends and family.

In a statement alongside the track, Finneas said he actually penned the song last December, but says it has taken on a new meaning in light of the events that have unfolded in 2020. “I wrote this song last Christmas, with a year of uncertainty ahead of us, had I known, anything I know now about how 2020 would go, I don’t think I would have changed a word,” he said.

“Another Year” is the latest in a handful of singles the singer has released as of late. Along with recording the upcoming James Bond theme song “No Time To Die” with Billie Eilish, Finneas has also shared the poignant singles “Where The Poison Is,” “Can’t Wait To Be Dead,” and “What They’ll Say About Us.”

Listen to “Another Year” above.