Halsey Teases Some ‘Wild’ Secrets That Will Make 2021 ‘The Most Ridiculous Year’ Of Her Career

It was revealed yesterday that Halsey (as well as Pharrell and Bono) are part of the cast of the upcoming animated film Sing 2. It turns out this is just the start of a flurry of upcoming activity from Halsey, as she revealed in a back-and-forth with her fans on Twitter yesterday.

She told one Twitter user that she has four more reveals to make and “they get progressively more wild.” Somebody else asked if she’s most excited about “secret 2, 3, 4 or 5,” and she replied, “2 because it’s so close! 5 because it’s out of this world.” Another person asked exactly how close “secret 2” is and Halsey spilled the beans, responding, “Two weeks!” She also noted that all of her planned activity is set for 2021 and that next year will be “the most ridiculous year” of her career so far and a “nonstop explosion.” The projects are apparently also “all very different” and some of them are “years in the making.”

She wrapped up the impromptu Q&A by concluding, “different people will gravitate towards different things and (in my opinion) they get better as they go on. im lucky to have a job I love just as much now as when I started, bright eyed with a world of opportunity. GOODNIGHT.”

2020 will be a tough act for Halsey to follow: This year, she, among other things, chatted with Bernie Sanders, became a star of basketball Twitter, and was the year’s first Saturday Night Live musical guest.