Halsey Is The New Star Of Basketball Twitter

There are a number of celebrities who are huge basketball fans, but there are only a select few that really interact with their fellow diehards. There’s no team with more superstar fans than the Lakers, but only a few (like Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, Flea) really seem to let their fandom fly on their Twitter account.

However, with the NBA in the Disney Bubble, even the most famous fans are having to watch games like the rest of us rather than being seated courtside for the playoff action, and some are itching for that fan camaraderie. During this postseason, Halsey, she of chart-topping pop hit fame, decided to create a Twitter account that is dedicated solely to basketball so she could join NBA and Lakers Twitter without subjecting her millions of fans to her extremely strong basketball takes. The result is @halseyandone, and her entry into the NBA Twitter space this week has been a true joy.

During Game 5 of Rockets-Lakers, Halsey was, truly, one of us, firing off takes, memes, and jokes at the expense of Rockets fans everywhere.

She’s sat in the virtual courtside seats for the Lakers, all while tweeting through it like every other fan, living and dying on every Rondo pass, Davis shot, and LeBron block.

On Sunday, she reveled in the Clippers Game 6 meltdown like any good Laker fan would and even has geometry jokes.

Not only is she live-tweeting games like a veteran, but she’s also firmly aware of the sports media space!

Shoutout to basketball Halsey, an immediate legend.