Lana Del Rey Tells Fans Not To Read Any Symbolism Into Her Cast, That She Just Broke Her Arm Skating

Lana Del Rey is well known for embedding cultural commentary in her photos, songs, and videos, so maybe that’s why she felt the need to clarify that a cast on her arm was simply due to an accident, and not symbolical of something larger. During the weekend of Christmas 2020, Del Rey was apparently skating and took a nasty fall that fractured her arm.

“When you see my second video for this album, don’t think that the fact I’m wearing a cast is symbolic for anything other than thinking I was still a pro figure skater,” she wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday. “I wiped out on my beautiful skates before the video even began after a long day of figure eights and jumps in the twilight of the dezert. Anyways my fracture isn’t that bad kind of goes with my new bucket hat. Thanks to my beautiful family for my gifts.”

The singer is prepping her next album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club and previewed a video for the title track that will be dropping on January 11. Previously the singer also shared a new track “Let Me Love You Like A Woman,” but shared the note to let fans know that whenever the video for her second single comes around, the cast is simply from an accident. Thanks for letting us know Lana, here’s to a speedy recovery.