Lizzo Leads A Marching Band In The Joyful ‘Good As Hell’ Video

Lizzo has been celebrating her success after she catapulted to fame with her viral hit “Truth Hurts.” And after nearly quitting music in 2017 upon not receiving the recognition she anticipated, Lizzo deserves to celebrate. The singer was nominated for eight Grammys in 2020 and performed live on TV for the BET and AMA award ceremonies. Her success has caused some backlash as well, with several lawsuits pinned against her for the track “Truth Hurts.” But Lizzo is staying positive in light of it all, and she brought her infectious joy along with her in the new music video to the track “Good As Hell.”

The video positions the singer as a member of a marching band at Southern University in Louisiana. The students are distracted from their studies in anticipation for the big homecoming game. One dancer, in particular, is despondent due to a recent heartbreak. But with the help of her friends and Lizzo’s contagious positivity, the dancer did a hair toss, checked her nails, and went on to have a perfect performance. Lizzo’s infamous flute, named Sasha, even made an appearance in the visual.

Ahead of the video, Lizzo’s “Good As Hell” originally appeared on her 2016 Coconut Oil EP. But the song was revived as a fan favorite alongside her rise to fame.

Watch Lizzo’s “Good As Hell” video above.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.

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