Lorde Explains Why She Thinks Making Pop Music Is Sacred On ‘Hot Ones’

Lorde is gearing up to release her new album, Solar Power, which means she’s been on a press blitz of late. After the release of the first two singles, “Solar Power,” and later, “Stoned At The Nail Salon,” she’s spoken with Vogue, she explained why she takes such long breaks between her albums, and also let people know that she’s very interested in collaborating with Harry Styles.

Now, she’s headed to the wing-eating-show Hot Ones, where along with a discussion about what makes the best onion rings, she answered the host’s great question about what makes pop music sacred to her. “Ever since I was a kid even before I made anything, I had a sneaking suspicion it was more difficult to speak to a lot of people than it was to speak to a small amount,” she began. “There’s something really special about that. And I love writing a pop melody, there’s nothing better. For it to be simple but secretly complex and to kind of trick the brain. You can’t fake it, it’s a real experience. That’s kind of what it is for me, that feeling of being able to talk to a lot of people, and to make something that’s kind of highbrow but can be enjoyed in really simple ways.

Watch her full interview above.