Lorde Says ‘Solar Power’ Marks The First Time She Was Properly Credited For Her Contributions

In the summer of 2021, Lorde returned with Solar Power, her first album in about four years. It went on to be her third consecutive top-five album after it debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. It was another instance of the singer taking her time between albums, which she detailed in a past Vogue interview. Lorde’s third album also marked a first for her as an artist, namely that it was the first where she received the proper credit she deserves for her artistic contributions.

During a recent interview with Euphoria‘s Hunter Schafer on the A24 podcast Divine Frequency, the pair discussed Lorde’s “Solar Power” music video, which she co-directed alongside Joel Kefali. “I had written all the treatments and helped produce it, because I was super, super involved. It was so much fun to be on that set,” she said. Schafer then asked if she had ever directed before prior to the video.

“It’s that classic thing for young women, where you’re like ‘I think I do this thing but I’ve never been credited with it and no one’s ever talked to me about it’, whether that’s music production, video directions or graphic design,” Lorde replied. “It takes a second to be like, I know what I’ve contributed to this and my credit should reflect that. It’s definitely been a process for me, figuring out how to voice that. So (the ‘Solar Power’ video) is my first time being called a director.”

Lorde later revealed that she’s filmed “six or seven” videos for Solar Power and only four have been released: “Solar Power,” “Mood Ring,” “Leader Of A New Regime,” and “Fallen Fruit.”

You can listen to Lorde and Schafer’s full Divine Frequency episode here.