Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Sour’ Is Officially A No. 1 Album — With The Biggest Week Of 2021

Well the numbers are officially in, and not only is Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour a No. 1 album, it’s the biggest opening week of 2021. After rumors were swirling that at least four songs on the record were going to hit the top ten spots on the Billboard chart, and now the final album numbers support this theory and more. The album has been certified gold within its first week, and the album’s second single “Deja Vu” has been certified platinum, while the third single “Good 4 U” is also already been certified gold. Not too shabby for a first week out, eh?

Aside from being a No. 1 album in America — along with the No. 1 single with “Good 4 U” — Rodrigo also claimed that double No. 1 status in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia. She’s officially a global sensations, and considering the international buzz, who is she but not exploited? In case you didn’t catch that reference, it’s a lyric from album opener, “Brutal,” which as of yet isn’t a top ten single, but is likely on its way there. Of course, none of this can eclipse the success of her initial single “Drivers License,” which has already gone triple platinum, among other things. Congratulations Olivia!